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Secure Shredding

The secure shredding of confidential and private documents and materials is imperative to keeping your information protected and company safe. At Light Bros we offer four main shredding services.

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Data Shredding

The physical destruction of hard drives and media ensures your confidential data is kept 100% safe


Paper Shredding

We offer a secure paper shredding & document shredding service.
Safe and secure.  

Product Shredding

Our shredding service extends to secure product destruction. 
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Uniform Shredding

 Old or unused uniforms can impact and confuse your company brand. Dispose of them with us – securely.  

Whether for larger businesses, small local companies or  individuals, the confirmed shredding of your sensitive and private information not only gives you peace of mind but ensures that your information is not at risk of being leaked and keeps it out of the hands of people that could use it maliciously. 

At Light Bros we focus on four key areas for shredding:

  • Data Shredding
  • Paper Shredding
  • Product Shredding
  • Uniform Shredding

 After your information or materials have been successfully erased or destroyed, you will receive a confirmation certificate of this. For more information, continue reading below or get in touch with our team with the request a quote button and someone will be happy to assist you. 

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Commercial Shredding For Businesses

As your business grows the amount of data and private documents your collect inevitably increases. Ensure that you protect yours and your clients private information by taking utilising the Light Bros commerical shredding service. 

Secure Shredding For Individuals

We help individuals with the shredding of confidential documents and materials to ensure they never get into the wrong hands no matter how large or small the quantity. Light Bros can also assist with confidential data destruction.

Why Use Light Bros For Secure Shredding?


Over 40 Years Experience
We have a wealth of experience dealing with confidential information destruction  and understand that every customer’s requirements are unique. Our team will ensure you understand how your data will be destroyed and give you the peace of mind that it will be carried out professionally and securely.

 Shredding Certificate
Upon data shredding completion , you will receive a shredding certificate that
confirms successful destruction of the information or materials provided.

Environmentally Responsible
Light Brothers maintains impeccable credentials and a long standing reputation as an environmentally responsible company. Actively working to exceed legislative requirements, we take pride in doing our part whilst encouraging others to do so as well.

24/7 Surveillance
With CCTV cameras across our facility as well as our vehicles being satellite tracked in real time, you
can be confident that your data is 100% secure from collection to shredding.

Why Should I Use A Confidential Shredding Service?

Product Shredding

With any company, products that have been created or distributed may eventually be replaced, be outdated, become faulty or simply no longer be used. Instead of allowing your products to appear intact at landfill sites, we ensure these are successfully destroyed to ensure your products don’t get into the wrong hands.

Data Shredding

Data shredding is a process of irreversible file destruction. Successful destruction results in files never again being able to be recovered. This process is sometimes also described as erasing or wiping. You should be wary of where and how you are storing sensitive data – if a breach was to occur having all historical / private data in one place could be a gold mine if it got into the wrong hands. If you have hard drives or IT equipment that needs destroying, you may wish to explore our data destruction service.

Uniform Shredding

Your uniform represents your brand and often companies go through a variety of uniform and brand changes over time. It’s vital that your identity is clear and consistent wherever it is seen – our uniform shredding service is prefect for old, unwanted or faulty uniforms that are no longer relevant to your business.

Paper Shredding

Many businesses and sectors still rely on paper as the primary means for storing sensitive information. In the wrong hands, this data can be used by criminals to assume your identity, make purchases, as well as leak this data without your permission. Be certain that your sensitive documents have been destroyed and arranged for them to be regulalry shredded with Light Bros. 

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Looking to recycle something else?

We offer dozens of different services for recycling and disposing of waste responsibly.

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WEEE Recycling

We process a wide range of electronics

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Skip Hire

Containers •  ROROs  •  And More

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Scrap Cars

Recover •  Treat  •  Recycle

Why should you use Light Bros for waste management and recycling solutions?

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